OpenPicnic 1.0 Update Offers Wide Enterprise Integration With Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub

Picnic™ Engagement Engine

PUG Interactive releases OpenPicnic 1.0 Enterprise Integration Services to support widespread connectivity for its gamified Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub platform

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – PUG Interactive announces the launch of OpenPicnic 1.0 Enterprise Integration Services for its award-winning Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub. OpenPicnic provides a flexible data model for representing enterprise data from sources such as CRM, Real Time Marketing, loyalty systems, point-of-sales systems, LMS/human resource systems and others. With OpenPicnic, it becomes possible to define and gamify complex customer actions featuring activities from across a range of systems and reward users through Picnic’s advanced gamifications features. As well, OpenPicnic supports complex community segmentation based on their underlying behaviors, allowing highly targeted and customized engagement experiences.

OpenPicnic 1.0 includes APIs to define rules and segments as well as an extensible data structure for modelling business data. Data sources can be either real-time or batch, and OpenPicnic also supports scheduling of rule and segment processing. The entire system can be managed either through Picnic’s™ Campaign Back Office suite or via API.

About PUG Interactive

PUG Interactive is a leader in providing gamified engagement solutions for enterprise, delivering playful, purposeful community engagement to the world’s top brands. By combining proven video gameplay design experience and its proven Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub platform technology, PUG Interactive delivers high-performance retention, loyalty, and motivation solutions for large audiences and enterprise applications.