Rewards & Offers

Personalized and Adaptive Customer Incentives

Picnic’s™ flexible campaign manager allows you to keep the loyalty experience exciting by offering engaging rewards and delivering unique offers to each customer segment.

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Rewards Catalogs

Diverse and colorful rewards catalogs inspire customer engagement. We offer powerful tools to create, personalize and manage interesting and memorable rewards.

Gamified Rewards

Instant wins, virtual items, digital collection challenges and gamification for customer loyalty tap into people’s natural desire for challenge, competition, and accomplishment driving behavior change and achieving business goals.


Virtual wishlists allows users to curate digital items representing real-world items they would like to acquire. This gives brands insights into what their customers are interested in allowing them to tailor future rewards accordingly.

Fulfilment Integration

Seamless integration with coupon and fulfillment services support a complete end-to-end customer experience to not only engage and reward their customers but also provide them with a hassle-free redemption process for coupons and other rewards.

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Full integration with CRM and the entire marketing technology stack to drive playful engagement and loyalty.