Advanced Loyalty Campaigns

Easily select from Picnic’s™ multiple gamified loyalty program campaign structures, set them up without requiring advanced IT skills, and automate the process.

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Quick to Market

We make it easy to deliver novel engagement to customers through gamified loyalty program campaigns via pre-built blueprints, advanced engagement templates, and pre-configured activity patterns.

Fits Any Purpose

Extensive customization tools put the power in your hands to create a wide range of loyalty campaigns and programs ranging from simple points schemes to complex VIP rewards and gamified status systems.

Endlessly Expandable

Take your campaigns to the next level with loyalty activities, quests, mini-games, challenges, and contests. With just few clicks and some simple configuration, you’re ready to launch.

Advanced Features

Advanced capabilities like points, levels, groups, leaderboards, digital goods, instant win prizes, collection challenges, and quests provide long-term future-proofing and campaign iterations.


Virtual wishlists allows users to curate digital items representing real-world items they would like to acquire. This gives brands insights into what their customers are interested in allowing them to tailor future rewards accordingly.

Highly Customizable

Customization tools create various types of loyalty campaigns ranging from simple points programs to complex VIP rewards and status systems.

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Miles beyond traditional loyalty

Full integration with CRM and the entire marketing technology stack to drive playful engagement and loyalty.