Advanced Loyalty for Travel & Tourism

Emphasis on Experiences
Are Creating New Markets and Driving Interest

More and more travelers are looking for meaningful and personalized experiences instead of just destinations. Unique and immersive gamified visitor engagement can enhance these journeys and cater to the specific needs and preferences of individuals.

The World of PUG

Travel & Tourism Industry Challenges

Reaching customers is more difficult than ever

Marketing noise is everywhere, but leveraging digital engagement platforms along with other digital marketing channels can create unique and memorable campaigns that really resonate.

Travelers want to feel unique and special

Advances in technology have made it possible to personalize offerings and create individualized experiences, from pre-arrival all the way through to post-departure.

Technology that enables, doesn’t get in the way

Emerging platforms are transforming the travel and tourism industry creating new opportunities for businesses to improve their offerings and customer experiences.

Seamless and convenient gamified visitor engagement for travelers

Key Features for Travel & Tourism

Segmented campaigns

and personalized adaptive quests create intrigue and drive community participation.

Recognition, leveling and reward

systems keep communities highly motivated, retained, and loyal.

Enterprise Integration

with CRM’s, data warehouses, POS, content management systems, rewards programs, and authentication systems.

Engagement loops

based on gameplay models provide dramatics boosts to interactivity and interest.

Dynamic personal profiles

highlight the customer history keeping their sentiment and engagement high.

Aggregated community insights​

paint a clear picture of how your customers are segmented, providing valuable opportunities for resource optimization and targeting


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Pre-arrival and Post-departure Engagement

Weekly quizzes and quests unlock content and rewards driving interest and engagement.

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