Broad support for seamless loyalty integration across your entire martech stack

Our Picnic™ platform supports a vast partnership network and seamlessly integrates with most popular platforms, all with the aim of creating seamless and exceptional customer experiences.

The World of PUG

Enterprise Connectors

Picnic™ has a powerful Integration Hub that enables quick and easy creation of “connectors” to third-party/external data systems used by businesses. This allows for seamless integration with various systems, including CRM, POS, CMS, data warehouses, loyalty points services, and prize fulfillment services.

AI-ready Data Flows

Picnic’s™ advanced campaign segmentation and rule application can understand and reward complex patterns of customer behavior, and share machine-learning ready responses with the original sources of data.

Universal Integration

Stop Fragmenting Your Tech Stack

Consolidate your marketing, loyalty, and commerce and CRM technologies with our Picnic™ Universal Integration Hub.

Some Sample Integration Pathways:

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