Integrated, engaging, profile-centric

Simply Better Loyalty.

Customer loyalty solutions that dramatically improve your customer journeys while targeting specific customer segments.

Universal integration hub

simplifies your marketing technology stack

Segmentation and adaptive quests

to deliver the most personalized experience possible

Advanced gamification

compels long-term, ongoing participation

Narrative-driven engagement

structures for meaningful and emotional connections

Loyalty the PUG way

Take your customer journeys to the next level with exciting gamified customer loyalty solutions designed specifically for your valued customer groups. Elevate engagement and satisfaction by unlocking a whole new level of interactive experiences tailored to your unique audience.

See the future of online loyalty

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“We selected PUG’s Picnic™ platform from over 30 suppliers around the world.

They’ve helped us go where nobody has gone before with loyalty and engagement.”

Simply better loyalty. Simply better results.

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What Sets Picnic™ Apart

From all other customer loyalty solutions and engagement technologies

Universal Integration

Brings together your CRM, POS, CMS, data warehouses, loyalty points services and fulfillment services for streamlined operations and centralized insights.

Segments & Insights

Creates segments and A.I.-ready psychographic analytics that provide insight into the strength of the relationships between the brand and individual customers.


Takes any loyalty program, website, CRM, or application and turns it into a distinctive brand-specific next-generation loyalty and engagement experience.

Choices & Challenges

Sophisticated adaptive questing and challenges drive customers “up the pyramid” to the highest level of commitment, involvement, and participation.

Emotional Context

Unleash the full power of narratives, gamification, and intrinsic motivation to foster communities that are more connected, attached, and committed.

Scalable & Secure

Cloud-based enterprise platform securely supports massive concurrent customer audiences for all your current and future large-scale engagement needs.

Universal Integration

Stop Fragmenting Your Tech Stack

Consolidate your marketing, loyalty, and commerce and CRM technologies with our Picnic™ Universal Integration Hub.

Some Sample Integration Pathways:

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