Create Custom Minigames in 3 Easy Steps

Delivers unmatched speed and flexibility, enabling rapid deployment of tailored minigames to boost customer engagement.

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Step 1: Set Up Probability Outcomes

Simply input your desired probabilities into our user-friendly interface to control the frequency of wins. It’s as easy as deciding the odds and entering numbers.

Tailor the excitement level to match your campaign goals, ensuring optimal engagement and participant satisfaction by balancing challenge and reward.

Step 2: Choose Your Visualizations

Choose from an extensive gallery of pre-designed themes that can be applied in a snap, or use your own custom visualizations for a unique game experience.

Align the game’s look and feel with your brand identity or specific campaign, enhancing thematic consistency and brand recognition.

Step 3: Launch Into Your Campaign

Deploy your game across multiple platforms instantly and use our real-time analytics dashboard to monitor performance and player engagement.

Launch campaigns quickly to capitalize on marketing opportunities and make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute data on user interactions and game effectiveness.

Quick Setup, Customizable Themes, Real-Time Insights

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