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Restore balance to your brand-customer relationship with the most powerful engagement design canvas for enterprise.


Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub is a comprehensive gamified engagement platform built by award-winning business experts and game designers. An all-in-one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform, Picnic™ makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively create online/digital applications and websites that solve business problems such as community loyalty, engagement, insights and user activation for companies and brands.

Solutions made possible using Picnic’s™ one-stop-shop suite of tools range from basic “air miles” style loyalty points programs, to complex tiered VIP rewards and status programs, to dynamic and colourful interactive loyalty activities, quests, mini-games, challenges and contests spanning both digital and real-world. Supporting a broad range of features such as points, levels, groups, leaderboards, digital goods, instant win prizing, collection challenges, quests, and more, Picnic™ is a comprehensive solution with enough flexibility to offer brands long-term future-proofing and campaign iterations.


Picnic’s™ robust Integration Hub supports straightforward and rapid creation of “connectors” to third-party/external enterprise data systems. This means Picnic™ can be easily and quickly integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, point-of-sale (POS) services, content management systems (CMS), datawarehouses, loyalty points services and prizing fulfillment services. Once connected, the system can perform powerful campaign segmentation and application of rules against these segments that can recognize, interpret, and reward complex patterns of end-user behaviour and communicate machine-learning read responses back to the originating sources of data.

Picnic™ makes it easy to add new users, track and manage their accounts, and verify their authenticity. Federated identity and segmentation capabilities simultaneously consider combinations of attributes drawn from internal and third-party data sources, including spending patterns, social media activity, marketing response, real-world actions, and even attitudes, beliefs, and preferences. Users can be represented via public and private user profiles which include profile images, user biographies, favorites lists and more. Account creation can be handled through an email and password registration or by linking existing accounts (OAuth 2.0, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.). This means that brands can consolidate their communities and no longer suffer the challenges of having hopelessly fragmented audiences across their digital and real-world touchpoints.

Picnic™ makes it easy for brands and organizations to tap into the power of their social community network and even reclaim captive audiences from Facebook and Twitter. Their communities can interact with each other through familiar features such as likes, follows, public/private tagging and gifting. Push notifications and system-wide messaging makes it easy to communicate timely information to community members, while integration with 3rd party sign-in authentication can give permission-based access to users’ social networking data and activities. This means that previous investment made to build social channels can be recouped and leveraged for what it was meant for – namely driving engagement, loyalty increased revenue and cost savings.

Picnic™ provides basic features offered by all “user engagement” or “gamification” platforms including points scoring systems to measure participation, leveling systems to show individual progress and leaderboards to reflect progress against other users. Picnic™ also provides more sophisticated features found among only the most advanced competitors, such as customizable rules processing system to capture complicated combinations of user actions, real-world prizing and redemption capabilities, digital vanity badges/rewards to heighten the sense of accomplishment and milestones recognition which offer progressive and nested quests to motivate ongoing participation. This means that brands can effectively and efficiently reward and provide status recognition to their community members for loyalty and responses to calls-to-action.

Our Picnic™ platform also offers a collection of advanced features not found in any other user engagement or gamification platforms. These features make it possible to deliver a virtuous circle of user interactivity that rivals many traditional video games, creating interactive experiences that are engaging, intrinsically motivating, and even addictive. Advanced gameplay features include an adaptive questing system that dynamically interprets user preferences and actions to present the most suitable engagement path forward, a virtual item technology to create interesting collection games and challenges, mini-game catalogues that encourage high-frequency repeat participation, economic models that play upon psychological human compulsion to find and collect rare and prestigious digital collectables, themed collection boards that promote content discovery and create flexible gameplay challenge options, and geolocational and codeword redemption systems that makes it possible to track, capture and reward real-world user actions. This means that brands can harness the powerful psychological principles of addictive gameplay engagement to drive business outcomes and keep their communities intrinsically motivated, involved, and voluntarily coming back again and again.

Picnic™ Architecture & Services

Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub includes OpenPicnic 1.0, a flexible service for integrating enterprise data from sources such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

  • Real Time Marketing (RTM) systems

  • Loyalty programs

  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems

  • Learning management and human resource systems

Additional development kits, administration tools, auditing systems, and design templates makes it quick, easy, and cost-effective to create robust, scalable, and tailored enterprise projects & applications. ​Fully documented API’s and SDK’s ensure quick and simple integration and shortened times to launch, providing your project or campaign with a future-proof and cost-effective platform for many years to come.

Powerful Backoffice Management

Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub includes a robust back-office system that allows easy configuration and operation. Define and gamify complex customer actions featuring activities from across a wide range of systems. Reward users through Picnic’s advanced gamifications features. Create recognition tiers and status rewards with just a few clicks. Define complex community segmentation based on customers’ underlying behaviors, allowing highly targeted and customized engagement experiences.

An intuitive and friendly Command Center is easy to configure and a snap to administrate, while extensive reporting modules create business intelligence reports that uncover the secret world of user engagement psychographics, helping you understand and motivate your communities more effectively to inform your strategic decision-making.