Point of Sale Integration

Capturing Transactions at the Source

What better way to engage around valuable customer actions than to catch and recognize them at the exact moment of purchase?

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How it works


Instant Feedback

Purchase actions are captured instantly and feedback given to customers through prompts, rewards, progress indicators and gamified loyalty actions, making customers feel appreciated.

Streamlined Operations

Integrations require only a single setup step along with a few simple rules based on what customer actions you want to motivate making programs easy to set up and run.

Quick to Launch

Point of sale integration requires very little planning and support meaning businesses can start meeting the needs of their customers sooner and driving their business objectives.

Extended Engagement Opportunities

Expanding cycles of actions keep users engaged and interested, increasing user retention, building brand loyalty, and driving revenue.

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Points of Sale Program Example

Instant Recognition & Engagement

Customers receive prompts, further calls-to-action, instant win chances, and playful challenges immediately after the transaction, providing instant recognition, appreciation and positive brand feedback.

Best For

Brands looking for highly personalized interactions

Companies with high transaction volume

Brands with many locations and points of sale

Program Example

Engagement at the Checkout

Sisal Lottery
Full integration with CRM and entire Marcom stack to drive playful engagement and loyalty.

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Full integration with CRM and the entire marketing technology stack to drive playful engagement and loyalty.