Narrative Quests

Bring Your Brand History To Life

Awaken your company’s human side with powerful interactive narratives, characters, and storylines that bring a strong emotional connection to the brand-customers relationship.

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How it works


Emotional Engagement

Interactive narratives and storytelling makes the brand more relatable keeping customer active, engaged and interested.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Compelling stories and narratives can highlight company values, history, or achievements and attract customers who are looking for something distinctive and memorable.

Enhanced Interactivity

Tying narratives to interactive engagement loops results in more meaningful and relatable engagement instilling customers with a stronger sense of emotional brand connection.

Cross-Campaign Flexibility

Engaging narratives can be layered over multiple campaigns, touchpoints, and even span over an entire calendar with evolving themes and plot points, keeping the program fresh and interesting.

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Narrative Quest Example

Highly Relatable Engagement

Stories, characters and narratives intertwined throughout the interactive pathways that bring a strong emotional connection to the brand-customers relationship.

Best For

Brands with an interesting history or lovable mascot

Customers who value emotional brand connections

Companies with highly creative campaigns

Program Example

Narrative-based Engagement

Interactive narratives, derived from prior marketing collateral, enhance the customer loyalty & engagement pathways.

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