Surprise & Delight

Expect the Unexpected

Surprise and delight programs strengthen customer relationships via unexpected and memorable bonuses, challenges, activities, and rewards.

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How it works


Unexpected Engagement

Surprises are earned or scheduled in ways that keep users engaged and interested, increasing user retention, building brand loyalty, and driving revenue.

Quick to Launch

Surprise and delight programs require very little planning and support meaning businesses can bring playful engagement and interactions to their customers immediately driving their business objectives.

Emotional Connection

Build emotional connections with positive and unexpected experiences that drive  stronger brand loyalty and make customers feel appreciated and valued.

Positive Brand Image

Brands with surprise and delight programs are seen as being customer-centric and caring which contributes to a positive brand image and reputation.

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Surprise and Delight Example

Instant wins and bonus plays

Customer is given random popups bonuses and instant win chances at scheduled intervals creating a sense of dynamic and ever-evolving interactivity.

Best For

Brands with high frequency purchase customers

Companies seeking to improve brand image and reputation

Brands looking for competitive differentiation

Program Example

Unexpected Bonuses

Customers given daily random surprise bonuses and chances to win instant prizes.

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