Advanced Gamification

Breathe New Life
Into Customer Touchpoints

Harness natural tendencies towards play, competition, and personal achievement with playful customer experiences that motivate meaningful brand engagement through a gamified loyalty platform

The World of PUG

Powerful Rules Processing

Picnic’s™  gamified loyalty platform supports rules customization to enable brands to rewards points and other engagement outcomes to a wide range of user actions, such as purchases, social media engagement, referrals, and more.

Challenges, Prizing & Rewards

Progressive and nested quests motivate ongoing participation while also recognizing achievements and encourage continued engagement with the brand. Real-world prizing and redemption capabilities as well as digital vanity badges and rewards recognize accomplishments and milestones.

Mini-Games & Activities

A catalog of mini-games supports frequent, casual participation while geolocational recognition and codeword redemption systems can track and reward real-world user actions.

Competitive Mechanics

Rankings and leaderboards provide a way for customers to compare their progress against that of other users and create a sense of friendly competition to motivate increased engagement with the brand.

Digital Collection Challenges

Virtual item technology with economic models exploit the human compulsion to collect while also supporting collection games and challenges for content discovery and flexible gameplay options. 

Advanced Questing

Progressive and advanced nested quests motivate complex behaviors, long-term participation, recognize loyalty and capture responses to calls-to-action effectively and efficiently.


Virtual wishlists allows users to curate digital items representing real-world items they would like to acquire. This gives brands insights into what their customers are interested in allowing them to tailor future rewards accordingly.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Brands can create custom engagement pathways, challenges, quests, and rules that are as simple or complex as needed, without requiring extensive technical knowledge or support.

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