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FUNstration: How I Frustrate Customers for a Living

Vancouver, BC -- The Wise Marketer has published an article by Steve Bocska, CEO of PUG Interactive, about "funstration" and the mistaken presumption among brand executives that any form of customer frustration is negative and should be avoided at all cost. Whether you’re finally getting into the loyalty game with a shiny, brand new loyalty points program or looking to breathe new life into a

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(Part 2) Wise Marketer Interview: Gamification Strategy Traps, Trials, and Pitfalls

In part 2 of this interview, Steve Bocska, CEO of PUG Interactive, talks gamification -- one of the hottest topics in customer strategy circles today. Seeking to connect with customers in authentic and relevant ways, brands are closely examining promising techniques that facilitate strong connections with customers. Applying game theory to marketing is a winning approach that is attracting lots of attention. But is

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(Part 1) Wise Marketer Interview With PUG CEO Steve Bocska

Steve Bocska, CEO of PUG Interactive, is much more than a marketer who has learned a bit about gamification. He is an experienced and innovative gaming architect who approaches the marketing field with fresh concepts that work, many of which haven’t been fully considered by marketers. Through his work, Steve has shown that engaging customer communities today is the single biggest competitive driver keeping the

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PUG CEO Steve Bocska makes return appearance on CRM Playaz Podcast

CRM Playaz, with Brent Leary, Paul Greenberg, Steve Bocska Steve Bocska, CEO of PUG Interactive, is joined again by Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg on their wildly successful CRM Playaz podcast to talk about Wrestlemania, questions to ask a video game designer, and the evolution of customer loyalty and engagement. You can watch the archive here.

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PUG Announces Co-Sell Agreement With Microsoft

October 4, 2021 Vancouver, Canada -- PUG Interactive Inc. announces today that the company joins the Co-sell incentivized partnership with Microsoft. From now on, Microsoft’s sales organization will be incentivized for bringing PUG's Picnic™ Engagement Hub platform to its clients. Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub is a comprehensive gamified engagement platform built by award-winning business experts and game designers. An all-in-one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform,

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ZDNet Paul “Godfather of CRM” Greenberg features PUG’s Net Engagement Score

April 6, 2021 Vancouver, BC -- Paul Greenberg wrote recently about PUG Interactive, CEO Steve Bocska, and our innovative Steve's Net Engagement Score methodology in his regular ZDNet column Social CRM: The Conversation. From the article: Steve is the CEO and founder of PUG Interactive -- a company that is focused on providing the technology to substantially increase the stickiness of customer and/or employee

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Webinar: Advanced Engagement & Gamification

March 31, 2021 Vancouver, British Columbia -- PUG Interactive's CEO Steve Bocska and The Loyalty Academy present this informative seminar. Watch it here. OVERVIEW Engaging customer communities today is the single biggest competitive driver keeping the world’s most successful companies ahead of the pack in their categories. But oversimplified “gamified” approaches by digital marketers have largely fallen flat, with thin points-badge-and-leaderboard mechanics, loyalty points,

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PUG CRO Lisa Brown Recognized by Microsoft Among Top Influential “Women in Cloud”

Toronto, Ontario -- PUG Interactive's CRO Lisa Brown was recognized by Microsoft's #BuildFor2030 program for International Women’s Day 2021 in celebration of women-led solutions accelerating digital transformation and advancing solutions for a more inclusive world. Among solutions featured are those aimed at empowering customer success in areas such as data management, network security, supply chain analytics, cross-functional team collaboration, digital event marketing, and bias-free recruiting.

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Breakable Loyalty – The High Cost When Customers Don’t Feel Appreciated

Toronto, Ontario -- PUG Interactive's CRO Lisa Brown has delivered a powerful presentation entitled "Breakable Loyalty - The High Cost When Customers Don't Feel Appreciated" as part of the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021. From the overview: There exists a great disconnect between many businesses and their customers. That disconnect is called the transaction. Businesses that drive solely towards the transaction do so at

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PUG Featured in Financial Post as Top “Game Changer” Company

Toronto, Ontario -- PUG Interactive was featured in a Financial Times article looking at top Canadian "game changer" companies. Highlighting PUG's partnership with Microsoft, the article revealed how PUG leverages gaming industry experience of CEO Steve Bocska, to transform initial consumer engagement into brand advocacy. It also described how PUG's award-winning Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub, built on the backbone of Microsoft Azure technologies, analyzes customer behaviour

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