Advanced Loyalty for Food & Beverage

Engagement and Recognition
for Unbreakable Customer Relationships

Surviving in the food & beverage industry means cultivating a loyal community that will continue to buy from your brand no matter what. Our loyalty program software can recognizing customer needs and preferences to build strong relationships that cannot easily be broken.

The World of PUG

Food & Beverage Industry Challenges

Loyalty program software all look and act the same

Most restaurant loyalty programs offer similar rewards and perks, making it difficult for customers to distinguish between them.

Overemphasis on the purchase, too little on the relationship

Customer engagement strategies rarely take into account individual preferences and behaviors, leaving the relationships feeling cold and impersonal.

Keeping customer experience from becoming stale

Failure to keep customer engagement initiatives fresh and interesting can make them disengaged, restless, and seeking other options.

Stand out from the competition, keep your customers loyal.

Key Features for Food & Beverage

Points, rewards, levels and recognition

keep communities highly motivated, retained, and loyal.

Rich user profiles

highlight the customer history keeping their sentiment and engagement high.

Repeat engagement drivers

based on gameplay models provide dramatics boosts to interactivity and interest.

Segmented campaigns

and personalized adaptive quests create intrigue and drive community participation.

Enterprise integration

with CRM’s, data warehouses, POS, content management systems, rewards programs, and authentication systems.

Community insights reporting

paint a clear picture of how your customers are segmented, providing valuable opportunities for resource optimization and targeting

World-class restaurant loyalty is just one click away

Stand Out From the Loyalty Crowd

Customers buy, play, redeem, and respond to unlock new quests and challenges, maximizing engagement and loyalty.

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