Earn & Spend

Loyalty With a Twist

Go beyond basic loyalty with a hint of gamification as customers convert their earned points into spendable credits for contests, draws and unlocking bonuses.

The World of PUG

How it works


Self-reinforcing Engagement

Expanding cycles of actions keep users engaged and interested, increasing user retention, building brand loyalty, and driving revenue.

Quick to Launch

Earn and spend programs require less planning and support meaning businesses can start meeting the needs of their customers sooner and driving their business objectives.

Exceptional Insights

Both online and real-world actions are rewarded, so customers provide valuable personal and transactional information which helps businesses gain better insights about them.

Easy to Set Up

Earn and spend programs don’t require a lot of design, just a few simple rules based on what customer actions you want to motivate making them easy to set up and run.

Sheds Surplus Loyalty Points

Customers who have been hoarding their loyalty points are given interesting alternatives to standard marketplace redemption, reducing  financial liability and risk to the company.

Playful and Differentiating

A wide range of fun and engaging actions and outcomes are possible, all driven by valuable customers actions, building strong positive sentiment and brand awareness.

See the future of online loyalty

Earn & Spend Example

Gamified Redemption

Customer earns loyalty points which they convert to a secondary currency to spend on gamified customer activities, games, contests, digital marketplace purchases and instant win chances.

Best For

Companies seeking a fun spin on traditional loyalty

Brands carrying too many unredeemed loyalty points

Brands looking for program differentiation

Program Example

Gamified Redemption

Sisal Lottery
Minigames and challenges earn coins for digital goods and entries in ongoing contests and prize events.

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