WEBCAST: (PUG Archives) Predictions That Came True!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — From the “I told you so” files… back in 2014, PUG Interactive CEO Steve Bocska made a number of bold predictions at the DELF Summit in Hong Kong. He pictured a future where broad backlash and disenchantment would result from the overuse and abuse of thin badges & points loyalty schemes in the initial wave of “gamification” projects.

And just as he predicted, gamification came crashing down (and is now climbing its way back up!) the Gartner Hype Cycle. A better world now awaits us as we move into a new era where the proven principles of gameplay design and customer engagement hubs are opening up endless possibilities to create rich and interesting experiences for communities to become more active, engaged and loyal.

Lucky for you, we’ve dug out this presentation so you can relive it all over again! Watch Steve’s portion of the presentation here.