Referral Royalty

Harness the Power of Connections

Customers earn continuous loyalty points, like royalty payments, for the ongoing loyalty actions of every individual they refer. It’s not just about a one-time reward; it’s about building a rewarding network that pays dividends over time.

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How it works


Refer & Earn

It begins like most referral systems, where members simply refer friends, family, or anyone in their network to join the program.

Continuous Rewards

For each person who signs up through their referral, they receive ongoing points for every loyalty point their friend earns.

Build Your Network Catalog

The more people they refer, the larger their referral network grows, increasing their ongoing rewards.

Track Your Earnings

Customers can monitor their growing network and earnings through a user-friendly dashboard.

Lifetime Value

Unlike traditional referral programs offering one-time bonuses, our module provides ongoing rewards, creating a sustainable source of loyalty points.

Expand Your Network

Every new referral expands your potential earning capability, incentivizing continuous engagement and network growth.

User-Centric Approach

This feature aligns with our commitment to recognizing and rewarding individual efforts, contributions, and engagement.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your existing loyalty framework on the Picnic platform, maintaining a unified experience.

See the future of referral programs

Redefining Referrals

Enhanced Rewards

A pioneering approach in the loyalty program sector, offering a more dynamic and rewarding referral experience. Encourages long-term engagement with your program, fostering stronger brand loyalty and community building.

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Long-Term Customer Communities

Refreshing Your Legacy Program

Data Oriented Brands

Referral Royalty

Next Evolution of Referrals

Modernize Your Program
Leave one-time referral reward schemes behind. Let your members build rewarding networks of referrals that pay off over time.

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