Pug Pharm Aims to Score Big with Victoria Royals Fan Engagement Activity


Pug Pharm Productions Inc., a leader inapplying gameplay design & technology to engage & entertain the world, has once again got its stick on the ice with the launch of the Victoria Royals’ new fan engagement activity!  

“The Be Royal Blue Challenge,” launched January 2015, is powered by Pug Pharm’s FanGage™ platform and supported by developers who wear nothing but polyester double-knit 1970s hockey jerseys. This fun, team-themed experience brings fans & premium sponsors closely together through an interactive contesting activity. To participate, fans do all those fun, high-value actions that fans want to do anyway: attending games, watching/listening to broadcasts, interacting with sponsors,buying merchandise, following the team’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and getting all the words right during O Canada.  

Fans earn code words they can enter into a sleek online activity where they can earn colourful virtual cards including Royals players, coaches, Marty the Marmot the team’s mascot, and, if they’re lucky, rare Silver Edition cards and even instant win prizes. It’s like recapturing all the youthful excitement of opening a package of digital hockey cards!  

Corporate partners enjoy tremendous exposure—during and between games—and fan activation through themed code word announcements, in-activity brand/product placement, instant winprizing & couponing, and high-resolution fan participation analytics. The Be Royal Blue Sponsor All-Star Team includes VictoriaHomes.com and The Zone @ 91.3 FM.  

Pug Pharm’s award-winning FanGage™ loyalty activity platform was built, sharpened, oiled, and buffed over the past 6+ years by a team of veteran game designers, web technologyexperts, software-as-a-service product managers, and interstellar wizards
harnessing the misunderstood forces of dark matter.