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¡Excelente! Pug Pharm & Kotex México Shatter Records with Engagement Campaign!

2015/03/23Pug Pharm Productions Inc., experts in using gameplay design to heap generous helpings of engagement onto the world, has just concluded the sequel to its beloved Mis Momentos customer loyalty activity & contest for Kimberly Clark Mexico’s flagship Kotex product line.   After carefully analyzing the successful initial project from 2014, Pug Pharm and Kimberley Clark Mexico re-teamed for a second collaboration to create “Mis

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Pug Pharm Helps Shrink Couch Potatoes with Fitaborate!

2015/02/26Pug Pharm Productions Inc., experts in fusing gameplay and customer engagement together, have joined forces with Fitaborate, a fast-growing home fitness personal training site, to create the most ab-crunchin’, bicep-pumpin’ trainee engagement activity!With their recent February 2015 beta launch, Fitaborate delivers a one-of-a-kind online fitness experience with fun, interactive loyalty rewards for trainees. Fitaborate trainees do video workouts with live professional trainers and even their

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¡Más Rosa! Pug Pharm & Kotex Mexico Bubbling with Excitement for Second Engagement Campaign!

2015/01/26Pug Pharm Productions Inc., experts in engaging the world of consumer packaged goods with achingly enjoyable activities & contests, has launched the second round of customer loyalty activity & contest for Kimberly Clark Mexico’s flagship Kotex product line.After the incredible success of Kotex’s 2014 “Mis Momentos” (“My Memories”) campaign – with 385,000 community brand/customer interactions created over the 3 month campaign – Pug Pharm and

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Pug Pharm Aims to Score Big with Victoria Royals Fan Engagement Activity

2015/01/05 Pug Pharm Productions Inc., a leader inapplying gameplay design & technology to engage & entertain the world, has once again got its stick on the ice with the launch of the Victoria Royals’ new fan engagement activity!  “The Be Royal Blue Challenge,” launched January 2015, is powered by Pug Pharm’s FanGage™ platform and supported by developers who wear nothing but polyester double-knit 1970s hockey jerseys. This fun, team-themed experience brings fans & premium sponsors closely together through an interactive contesting activity. To participate, fans do all those fun, high-value actions

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2014/10/28Pug Pharm Productions Inc., a leader in creating premium community engagement solutions, announced that Steve Bocska, CEO of Pug Pharm, will present at the Game Developers Conference® (GDC Next) taking place in Los Angeles, CA from November 3-4, 2104. GDC Next will also feature the App Developers Conference (ADC) - serving the non-game and enterprise app developer markets - with topics bridging the gaps between

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