DSkills Team

June 15, 2021

Vancouver, BC — PUG Interactive is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Brazilian e-learning innovators DSkills Edutech to bring exciting new training solutions through gamified online courses that promote greater engagement and exceptional learning results.

DSkills is an EduTech company offers advanced gamified solutions for corporate education, particularly in the areas of workplace and behavioral safety. DSkills’ purpose is to engage employees to promote results learning by providing employees with access to online gamified content they can access from anywhere. Companies can have access to a set of integrated solutions that make it possible to automate the management of employees who need to be trained, optimize programming and reprogramming of training (normative and behavioral), and connect with instructors to carry out practical group or individual activities.

Through this partnership, PUG and DSkills will combine their extensive capabilities and technologies to bring exciting, cutting-edge employee training and engagement solutions to the lucritive Brazilian market.