PUG CEO Steve Bocska on iGamingBusiness “Sharing and Shared Experiences” Webinar

Best in Class - GGB MagazineModerator: Karolina Pelc, Basic Strategy

LONDON, UK — On September 14th 10am EST, PUG Interactive CEO Steve Bocska joined a panel on a global iGamingBusiness webinar entitled “Sharing and Shared Experiences.”

The online casino has instead been a solitary experience, which, unsurprisingly, doesn’t appeal to the younger demographic. But the world of gambling is slowly adopting the inspiration from other gaming experiences, such as social, streaming, leaderboards and sharing capabilities, to make online casino a more shareable fun. The session examined:

• What exactly are the elements from video games that make the experience so engaging?
• Can the new reality post Covid19 speed up the adoption of shared experiences?
• Can the acquisition of NetEnt by Evolution Gaming surprise us all by blurring the product lines in creating innovative solutions aimed for the next generation?

This webinar panel explored these trends aimed at innovating within the online casino and provided insight from experts within our industry and a wider gaming space.


Moderator: Karolina Pelc, Basic Strategy

Alex Tomic, Founder, Alea Gaming
Thomas Rosander, Ex CEO Dunder, Mr Green, EA, Bwin
Steve Bocska, CEO, Pug Interactive
Tobias Svensen, CEO, Casinogrounds (ex LeoVegas)
Robin Reed, Chief Executive Officer, Ichiban Ventures

You can watch the archive of the event here.