5 Top Trends To Watch In 2024

by Steve Bocska

5 Hot Loyalty, Engagement, and Gamification Trends for 2024

The world of customer loyalty and engagement is rapidly evolving, with gamification playing a pivotal role. In 2024, new trends are emerging, pushing the boundaries of how brands connect with their audiences. Let’s dive deeper into these trends:

1. Adaptive Questing

Adaptive questing is revolutionizing gamified experiences by tailoring challenges and tasks to the individual user’s journey. This dynamic form of questing evolves based on user actions and choices, making the experience highly engaging and personal. For example, in an educational app, the quests could adapt based on the customer’s progress, offering more complex challenges as their skills improve, thus maintaining engagement and encouraging continuous brand interactions.

2. Surprise and Delight Strategies

The element of surprise in loyalty programs is taking customer engagement to new heights. Unexpected rewards and spontaneous experiences are being used to create memorable moments for customers. A retail brand, for instance, might surprise a long-time customer with a sudden upgrade to VIP status or an unexpected gift on their birthday, fostering a deep emotional connection with the brand.

3. Narrative-Based Engagement

Narrative-based engagement immerses customers in a story, where their interactions with the brand contribute to the progression of the narrative. This storytelling approach can be compelling, as it allows customers to be part of a larger journey. The customer narrative can include an adventure story, where each customer action or activity completed by the user unlocks a new chapter or reveals a new aspect of the story.

4. Referral Royalties

PUG Interactive has introduced the concept of “referral royalties.” Instead of a one-time reward for referring new customers, users receive ongoing benefits as their referrals engage throughout their lifetime with the brand. For instance, a streaming service might offer a month of free access for every referral, plus additional ongoing rewards for each month the referred friend remains a subscriber to the service.

5. Personalization, Customization, Analytics

Brands are increasingly leveraging data analytics for highly personalized user experiences in loyalty programs. Creating a unified experience across various platforms is essential. Brands are ensuring that customers can interact with loyalty programs through multiple touchpoints, whether online or offline, for a cohesive experience. This trend involves understanding and adapting to individual preferences to make the gamification experience resonate more strongly with each user. AI and analytics are being used to create dynamic and engaging gamification experiences, tailoring challenges and rewards to individual behaviors and preferences.


These trends in loyalty, engagement, and gamification underscore a move towards more immersive, personalized, and interactive customer experiences. Brands are leveraging technology and innovative strategies to create deep, meaningful connections with their customers, going beyond traditional loyalty models to offer genuinely enriching and memorable experiences.