(Part 1) Wise Marketer Interview With PUG CEO Steve Bocska

Steve Bocska, CEO of PUG Interactive, is much more than a marketer who has learned a bit about gamification. He is an experienced and innovative gaming architect who approaches the marketing field with fresh concepts that work, many of which haven’t been fully considered by marketers.

Through his work, Steve has shown that engaging customer communities today is the single biggest competitive driver keeping the world’s most successful companies ahead of the competitive pack. Gamification drives community growth, but unfortunately the marketplace tends to oversimplify the concept by limiting the vision to simple points-badge-and-leaderboard mechanics, loyalty points, and rewards that collectively offer little incentive to drive customer behavior.

To get an update on the current state of Gamification and better understand how it can be used to drive engagement and customer loyalty, The Wise Marketer sat down with Steve to learn his latest perspectives on compelling gameplay mechanics and to find out what was new, even edgy in the world of Gamification today.

Read the entire interview here.