ZDNet Paul “Godfather of CRM” Greenberg features PUG’s Net Engagement Score

April 6, 2021

Vancouver, BC — Paul Greenberg wrote recently about PUG Interactive, CEO Steve Bocska, and our innovative Steve’s Net Engagement Score methodology in his regular ZDNet column Social CRM: The Conversation. From the article:

Steve is the CEO and founder of PUG Interactive — a company that is focused on providing the technology to substantially increase the stickiness of customer and/or employee engagement. What makes what they do really interesting is really where they come from. Steve was a significant player (meaning influential practitioner) in the video gaming industry and has a strong entertainment background. Thus he approaches things from that lens. He looks for emotional drivers and the kinds of successful engagement that makes you “like and continue to like” the company that the customer or employee are involved with. That is SO damn smart in this era because as of now, if you haven’t figured it out, we’ve moved from an era driven by the left brain — metrics, benchmarks, KPIs, and mathematical ROI — to one that is being driven increasingly by the right brain — behavior, emotional states, real time activity and response, etc. That said, even with that happening, we still need to be able to measure the success or not of that planning and intersection by the company of the customer’s behaviors driven to an outcome that both are looking for.

You can read the entire article here.