Breakable Loyalty – The High Cost When Customers Don’t Feel Appreciated

Toronto, Ontario — PUG Interactive‘s CRO Lisa Brown has delivered a powerful presentation entitled “Breakable Loyalty – The High Cost When Customers Don’t Feel Appreciated” as part of the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021.

From the overview:

There exists a great disconnect between many businesses and their customers. That disconnect is called the transaction.

Businesses that drive solely towards the transaction do so at the risk of alienating their customers. Customers have more value to offer a brand than just their wallets. And they know it.

In this talk I will discuss how brands can build unbreakable loyalty as they quickly and cost-effectively solve growth-limiting business problems – such as brand apathy, disengagement, loyalty, poor insight and lost revenue – that are caused by poor brand-customer relationships.

You can view this 10-minute video presentation here.