PUG Interactive Brings Advanced Loyalty and Gamification Technologies to Texas

Dallas, TX — Texas companies can finally get direct access to best-in-class loyalty, gamification, and engagement solutions for their large-scale customer and employee communities.

Vancouver, Canada based PUG Interactive has expanded to Dallas, bringing its “Simply Better Loyalty”™ approach and Picnic: Engagement Hub platform to the Lonestar state. Perfect for consumer brands and enterprise companies looking to reduce churn, drive more profitable revenue, build unbreakable brand-community relationships, and improve business outcomes, PUG’s Picnic™ Engagement Hub has delivered next-generation enterprise benefits, such as:

  • advanced gamified engagement and motivation to create communities that are more involved, committed, and loyal
  • scalable and fully configurable cloud-based platform supports all your customer engagement needs
  • integration with enterprise platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and data warehouses to amplify their value
  • sophisticated questing and purposeful activities drive customers successfully toward a desired end state and achievement of organizational KPI goals
    deep and non-linear engagement produces unparalleled levels of actionable, customer segmentation
  • powerful insight reports evaluate outcomes and success metrics, enabling targeted and continual improvement across the customer journey

Led by video game industry veteran producer Steve Bocska (Disney, Electronics Arts, Sega, Fox, Vivendi), PUG’s award-winning solutions have been used across many industries by top companies and brands such as Kotex, Miniso, CityExpress Hotels, Sisal Lottery, Honda, NewEgg, Vancouver Giants Hockey, and HydroOne.

PUG’s Picnic™ platform includes sophisticated community segmentation capabilities that analyze a customer’s underlying behaviors and preferences to determine and present the “next best actions” to them. But unlike other “next best action” solutions, Picnic™ threads questions, recognition tiers and status rewards throughout to foster a deep sense of prestige and loyalty. An intuitive and friendly Command Center makes administration, changes, and updates possible in real-time, while extensive reporting modules create business intelligence reports that uncover the secret world of user engagement psychographics, helping you understand and motivate your communities more effectively to inform your strategic decision-making.

For more information visit www.puginteractive.com or email info@puginteractive.com.