Good Gamification Is Like a Fortune Cookie…

by Steve Bocska

Gamification has gained widespread recognition for its ability to incorporate game-like elements into non-game contexts to create engagement, motivation, and fun. However, have you ever considered how gamification is similar to a fortune cookie? On the surface, these two concepts may seem dissimilar, but they share some intriguing similarities.

Firstly, both fortune cookies and gamification offer an element of surprise. With fortune cookies, you never quite know what your fortune message will be – it could be a prediction, a piece of advice, or even a joke. Similarly, gamification often incorporates surprise elements, such as random rewards, unexpected challenges, or hidden bonuses, keeping users engaged and motivated.

Secondly, both fortune cookies and gamification tap into our innate desire for reward and achievement. Fortune cookies provide a small but satisfying reward in the form of a message, while gamification includes a range of rewards such as badges, trophies, and virtual currency. By offering rewards for completing tasks, gamification encourages users to stay engaged and motivated, even when performing otherwise tedious or repetitive tasks.

Thirdly, both fortune cookies and gamification offer an element of intrigue. Fortune cookies spark curiosity and interest in their contents, and gamification often employs narrative and storytelling elements to create a sense of mystery and intrigue, which keeps users coming back for more.

Finally, both fortune cookies and gamification have a social aspect. Fortune cookies often encourage sharing and discussion among friends and family, while gamification features such as leaderboards and team challenges promote friendly competition and social connection.

Gamification offers an element of surprise and intrigue, tapping into our desire for reward and achievement, and providing a social aspect. By incorporating these features into non-game contexts, gamification can create engaging and motivating experiences for users, similar to the enjoyment one might feel after cracking open a fortune cookie.