Pug Pharm Productions Inc., a leader in creating premium community engagement solutions, announced that Steve Bocska, CEO of Pug Pharm, will present at the Game Developers Conference® (GDC Next) taking place in Los Angeles, CA from November 3-4, 2104. GDC Next will also feature the App Developers Conference (ADC) – serving the non-game and enterprise app developer markets – with topics bridging the gaps between app creation, UI/UX, security, marketing and business. 

 The Pug Pharm presentation entitled, “Steam Cards, Loyalty Activities and Rewards: Engagement Unleashed!” will provide case studies and real life examples that provide a fascinating glimpse into the current state-of-the-art of community engagement models, loyalty activities and the psychology of motivation. 

According to Pug Pharm CEO Steve Bocska, “We’ve all heard the warnings – players are more unresponsive than ever before in their reaction to marketing messages, calls-to-action and incentives. My session at GDC explores a frequently overlooked part of the game launch and marketing process: the player experience outside of the game. We will look at new ways that companies are giving their players something that works to capture, onboard, retain and activate them as a community.” 

 This session takes place at 4:00 pm on Monday, November 3, 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. More information about GDC Next featuring ADC can be found at: http://www.gdcnext.com/

About Pug Pharm and the Picnic™ Customer Engagement Engine

Since 2008, Pug Pharm (puginteractive.com) has been a technology leader in customer loyalty, engagement, retention, and activation. Pug Pharm’s award-winning Picnic™ engagement engine is a comprehensive, next-generation platform that captures, retains, and activates customers while eliminating the “loyalty backlash” of less sophisticated technologies. Picnic™ is the world’s first technology platform that simultaneously delivers engagement, motivation, rewards, social matchmaking, item-based gameplay, and direct monetization possibilities.