Board Game Fridays: Strategize Your “Dining” Experience Playing Sushi Go!


Board Game Fridays! The Pug Pharm team had fun wrapping up another busy week by playing the mouth-watering board game, Sushi Go.  

Sushi Go is a pick-and-pass card game for 2-5 players, where each player needs to make strategic sushi combinations when each card passes by them as if they’re dining at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant! Since each sushi card comes with their unique attributes, they promise different potential rewards. Do you play safe and just grab any nigiri you come across, or do you invest in some higher valued yummy dumplings? Sushi is always better with friends, but be careful what cards you pass on to them!  

Games like Sushi Go are inspiring for us at Pug Pharm, where we always look for innovative ways for our players to make meaningful choices in both competitive and collaborative environments.  

What will we play next? Stay tuned!