Board Game Fridays: Build Fireworks and Telepathic Links With Your Friends in Hanabi!

2015/03/20This Friday’s board game at Pug Pharm is Hanabi (“Fireworks” in Japanese), a cooperative card game where players work together to build fireworks by laying down cards in a specific order, like playing Solitaire. But here’s the catch: you can’t see your own hand and can only give certain hints to your friends!  Each player holds their cards so they’re facing the other players. Players

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Board Game Fridays: Build Meaningful Choices in 7 Wonders!

2014/10/19It’s Board Game Friday at Pug Pharm again! This week six of us played 7 Wonders, a pick-and-pass card drafting game where players compete with each other as they make meaningful choices and gather resources to build their Ancient Wonders.  So what’s 7 Wonders like? Each player is assigned an Ancient Wonder to build (think the Pyramids, Petra, Gardens of Babylon, etc). Building each stage

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Board Game Fridays: Strategize Your “Dining” Experience Playing Sushi Go!

2014/05/5Board Game Fridays! The Pug Pharm team had fun wrapping up another busy week by playing the mouth-watering board game, Sushi Go.  Sushi Go is a pick-and-pass card game for 2-5 players, where each player needs to make strategic sushi combinations when each card passes by them as if they’re dining at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant! Since each sushi card comes with their unique

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