Pug Pharm Productions Inc., a leader in applying gameplay design & technology to engage & delight the world of feminine hygiene, has launched a premium customer loyalty activity & contest for Kimberly Clark Mexico’s flagship Kotex product line.

Team Pug Pharm (yes, even the boys) combined their awesome creative powers with their superhuman technical capabilities to deliver “Mis Momentos” (“My Memories”), a fun, ongoing, online Facebook application that offers an engaging, interactive contesting activity.

To play, Kotex customers closely follow the brand’s social media activity—such as their Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest page, Instagram account, and YouTube channels—to discover special loyalty codewords over the campaign. Each code unlocks a special online activity where players can earn random collections of personal “Mis Momentos” memories, consisting of colorful & interesting themed virtual cards depicting romantic settings, magical vacation spots, fun with friends, cute pets—and some handsome men thrown in for good measure.

Players can adopt different game strategies, with the ADD crowd gunning for shiny, quick-payoff, instant win prizes, while those with Zen-like patience opting to gradually build their weekly Momentos collections towards higher-value weekly grand prizes.

Metrics have showing remarkable response rates and engagement patterns, with 21% week-over-week community growth, 55% participation across multiple social channels, and high voluntary sharing throughout personal networks.

Supporting the program is Pug Pharm’s award-winning Picnic™ Fan Engagement Engine, a loyalty activity platform built over the past 5+ years by a team of veteran game designers, web technology experts, software-as-a-service product managers, and a strange loner we met on the street corner the other day …

About Pug Pharm and the Picnic™ Customer Engagement Engine
Since 2008, Pug Pharm (puginteractive.com) has been a technology leader in customer loyalty, engagement, retention, and activation. Pug Pharm’s award-winning Picnic™ engagement engine is a comprehensive, next-generation platform that captures, retains, and activates customers while eliminating the “loyalty backlash” of less sophisticated technologies. Picnic™ is the world’s first technology platform that simultaneously delivers engagement, motivation, rewards, social matchmaking, item-based gameplay, and direct monetization possibilities.

Picnic™’s intuitive & friendly Campaign Managaner is easy to configure and a snap to administrate. Set up an entire campaign in advance OR stay hands-on with regular tweaks, tunes, & modifications. Detailed activity & engagement reporting, progress & prizing views, redemption systems, behavioral patterns and more!