SNES™ Analytics

A Brief Introduction to Steve’s Net Engagement Score™

Why is measuring engagement important?

So glad you asked! Engagement is the main driver of sales, productivity, efficiency and outcomes. If it’s revenue or cost management you care about, then engagement matters. All the most valuable business metrics in the business world start with some measure of engagement.

How difficult is it to measure the value gained from engagement?

Extremely…that’s why we had to draw upon our vast experience in gameplay design, motivational psychology, and engagement modeling to invent something from scratch to do it.

What is Steve’s Net Engagement Score™?

The SNES™ is proprietary tool invented by the Great Math Nerds at PUG Interactive. It’s the first of its kind to accurately measure the engagement health of communities. Based on powerful engagement principles rooted in human psychology, motivation, and gameplay design, this new metric has fundamentally transformed how we observe and measure program results. Really, it’s THAT good.

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Is there a whitepaper explaining SNES™?

Yes! Contact us below to request the SNES™ whitepaper or to make arrangement for one of our consultants to assess of your current program, website, app, or community platform. We’ll evaluate your community health and also tell you how it compares to industry benchmarks and maps to ROI.

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