What is Gamification And Is It Effective For You?

What to know about Gamification? Is it effective for you?

The term Gamification in a business context typically means adopting the principles of video game design mechanics and technologies to solve challenging business problems like customer retention, engagement, and loyalty. These approaches motivate the users or customers to be more motivated, spend more money, respond to calls-to-action, or follow through on tasks that are commonly seen as boring, like that of learning. Simply put, Gamification is used to invoke gameplay mechanics to make non-game environments highly enjoyable.

There are a number of gamification apps and platforms for business and companies are using these apps to make the tedious tasks game oriented. Gamification is a hot trend these days. The present day version of Gamification refers to the procedure of adding game like attributes to something to boost the participation. Once there is game like experience in the activities, everybody would want to engage in the task. The point is that enhanced user engagement is in fact the main aim of Gamification that anyone too can take advantage from.

What are the strategies and techniques used?

Gamification employee training is an approach whereby users are awarded with achievements and points for fulfilling learning outcomes and is actually one of the most common types of gamifying an application. This is a well-proven technique, however adding gamified mechanics to an applications or system still requires expert design and skillful execution. Even a simple model such as awarding virtual badges for successful user outcomes can extensively boost the motivation of the user to engage, but to get the full value requires deep expertise and intimate knowledge of Gamification interaction design. The results is a captivating experience that creates surprise, delight, and enjoyment in the user as they make progress towards the intended business goal.

Psychology aspects

It might surprise you that Gamification techniques or methods, including a robust gamification interaction design, can effectively deliver strong emotions, feelings of excitement, anxiety, happiness and even the dread of missing out; the specific emotions that can be harnessed withing customer and community members to maximize desirable responses.

Certainly if you run a business you can use Gamification for customer engagement and it would definitely boost your customers range. You would experience a huge increase in the number of customers once you invest in gamifying. You need to talk to the professionals and they would tell you about the best way that you can get the gamifying effect for your activity or platform.

Hook your Customers

Moreover you know by providing the users of your application with an external trigger or activator like that of notifications or even that of badges and gamification leaderboard, and motivating the users to link up with your product with inherent thought patterns users would start up to take action by making use of your product. Certainly as a result of this activity they would start to grow robust relationships with your brand.

Once you get successful in attracting the strong user investment such as that of by positive and good ratings or in-app purchases, it would be the time when the users would begin to get hooked.  You can even add up in different social reward functionality and you instantly have a strong, top-addictive mobile application product. You should talk with the professionals specializing in gamification developers solution and they would suggest you the best ways for Gamification user engagement.


In the final analysis one can say that, you can make the most of Gamification applications for your business or activity!