UPDATED e-Learning Case Study: Conservation Pays


“I loved this game/program. It was engaging and gave me an excuse to learn about and change my behavior regarding so many new things about conservation, sustainability and climate change.” ~ZT

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – PUG Interactive has just published a case study on its recent award-winning e-Learning program, “Play Conservation Pays and Win!”.

The Case Study can be downloaded here.

The program challenged Broward County residents to win up to $5,000 by playing an online e-learning game which tested their knowledge of conservation, climate change and sustainability. In the activity, players would answer questions and complete quests to move through various levels to earn coins. The coins were then used to unlock content and earn bonuses.

Among the program highlights:

  • 2,415+ users participated in Conservation Pays Game campaign during 3-month period
  • Created 88,903 interactions between the content brand and its community members (36.8 actions per user)
  • Over 79% of the total community participated repeatedly during the campaign
  • 90.1% call-to-action conversation by users registered within the system
  • 88.3% of the users learned something new
  • 80.4% changed their behavior as a result
  • 74.7% cross-connected to at least 1 social media channel during program.

An impressive 79% of the users became “repeat players” (more than 2 completed engagement actions) and an astonishing 13% were “deeply engagement” users who performed more than 50 actions over the 3-month program.

Conservation Pays has established a new industry standard in best-practices for digital community engagement, content amplification, and community profiling data.

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