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Board Game Fridays: Make Sure It FITS Without Throwing A Fit!

2015/05/22FITS (Fill in the Spaces) is just like playing Tetris, but with 2-4 players. Now, although it’s multiplayer, it’s not like Tetris variations such as Tetris Friends where you battle with a friend online and send lines to your opponent by clearing combos of lines. It’s not as fast-paced as the original Tetris either, but you’ll be spending time trying to figure out the best

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Board Game Fridays: You Think This Game is a Piece O’ Cake?

2015/02/27Our Board Game Friday this week was another delicious adventure! Piece O’ Cake is a collection game heavy on analysis for 2-5 players, based on this simple premise: whoever slices the cake chooses last! The game involves dividing a series of cakes each made of 11 triangular flavoured slices. Players take turns dividing the cake into pieces, where each piece consists of a combination of slices.

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Board Game Fridays: Build Meaningful Choices in 7 Wonders!

2014/10/19It’s Board Game Friday at Pug Pharm again! This week six of us played 7 Wonders, a pick-and-pass card drafting game where players compete with each other as they make meaningful choices and gather resources to build their Ancient Wonders.  So what’s 7 Wonders like? Each player is assigned an Ancient Wonder to build (think the Pyramids, Petra, Gardens of Babylon, etc). Building each stage

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