Board Game Fridays: Strategize with Whiskey for Your Scottish Clan in Glen More!

2015/04/24This week we played one of the more complex board games we have played: Glen More. As you may have gathered, it’s a Scottish-themed game where each player represents a clan that is trying to expand its village…with sheep, land, and whiskey! As game & gamification designers, we love to see the full breadth of games out there, from simple-yet-fun games such as Sushi Go

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Board Game Fridays: Fight Together or Die Together in Flash Point!

2014/12/23We cross-collaborate everyday, so what better way to unwind and have a team-building activity than playing a cooperative game? This Friday, our board game gang played Flash Point: Fire Rescue, where your mission is to work together as firefighters to rescue victims from a burning building at risk of collapsing!  There are a number of scenarios, but all boards are a top-down floor plan view

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Board Game Fridays: Rampaging Robots Running ‘Round RoboRally Race Routes

2014/7/24One game we recently played in the Pug Pharm office was RoboRally, a game that bills itself as “A frenzied race filled with computer-driven chaos!" What is RoboRally? Think of Snakes-and-Ladders but with more strategy. Each player operates a robot and has to be the first one to navigate it through all the checkpoints to win. The twist is that each round is comprised of basically

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