PUG’s Picnic Powers SisalFunClub 2022


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, December 23, 2021 – PUG Interactive, a leader in gamified engagement solutions for enterprise, in partnership with Sisal Entertainment S.p.A. (“Sisal”) has launched SisalFunClub 2022, the newly updated customer engagement application for smartphone and desktop.

Made possible by the power and flexibility of PUG’s Picnic Customer Engagement platform, Sisal FunClub delivers a leading-edge digital game experience to customers with competitive dynamics and captivating prizes. SisalFunClub is an interactive activity involving competitive dynamics and captivating prizes. Users create their own accounts where they manage their own football team, build their squads and stadiums, and earn virtual collectables to advance and win. The 2022 update also includes expanded mini-games, quests, collections challenges, and adaptive missions towards a €200,000 prize pool where including over 2,000 prizes such as: BMW X3 sDrive 18d 48v, Yamaha XMAX 125, iPhone 13 Pro, MacBook Pro 14 ″, and Amazon gift cards.

Sisal, active since 1946, was the first Italian company to operate in the legal gaming sector as a State concessionaire and has held this business for over 70 years. Led by CEO Francesco Durante, Sisal is one of the leading global companies in the sector, with approximately 40,000 points of sale nationwide, online and internationally.