Pug Pharm’s Picnic(tm) Platform Enters Space with NASA’s MMO Game


Pug Pharm Productions Inc. (Pug Pharm), a Canadian leader in gamification and online social engagement, announced that its gameplay platform will power the official NASA game, Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond.

Pug Pharm has entered a strategic partnership with Project Whitecard Inc., which is one of three companies that won a contest sponsored by NASA to work together on its Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game.

“We are excited about working with Project Whitecard and thrilled that Pug Pharm was selected to provide the next-generation gamification and social networking engine for NASA’s MMO website and game,” said Steve Bocska, CEO of Pug Pharm.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Pug Pharm. We have already generated some major excitement from ‘mission control’ with this first specialized website launch, and I expect our relationship to grow right into the full NASA MMO offering. This is the real Astronaut Academy of the future in many ways. It starts now, in 2011, with this important project,” said Khal Shariff, CEO of Project Whitecard.

To learn more about Project Whitecard Inc, visit http://www.projectwhitecard.com.

About the NASA MMO

Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond is a massively multiplayer world in development to deliver exciting adventures with accurate science, technology, engineering and mathematics content while players vie to be the best and brightest Astronauts in the year 2035! Leading up to its first chapter: Astronaut Academy, players will participate online in special exploratory quests in a to-be-launched first-of-its-kind “gamified” website. To find out more about Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond, visit http://www.astronautmmo.com.

About Pug Pharm Productions Inc.

Incorporated in 2008, Pug Pharm Productions Inc. (puginteractive.com) is a Canadian leader in gamification and social engagement. M2 Research estimates that the gamification industry will generate $1.6 billion in revenues by 2015. Pug Pharm has a suite of products and services that harness the full potential of social networking technologies to increase revenue, customer engagement, and brand awareness for its clients.