Pug Pharm Productions Inc., a technology leader in customer gamification, retention, and activation, today announced that is has received funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). This contribution will support further enhancements to Pug Pharm’s Picnic™ loyalty & engagement engine.

“This funding from NRC-IRAP comes at a key point in time as we aim to further enhance and expand the capabilities of our Picnic™ loyalty & engagement engine to better serve national and international customers,” stated Steve Bocska, CEO of Pug Pharm. 

Pug Pharm’s Picnic™ loyalty & engagement engine is an all-in-one platform solution that simultaneously delivers gamification, virtual item gameplay, and social matchmaking features. This toolkit makes it easy and affordable for brands and digital agencies to enhance community loyalty, improve campaign conversation rates, and increase sales. 

NRC-IRAP works with small- and medium-sized Canadian firms, providing expertise and advice as well as potential funding in developing their innovative ideas.

About Pug Pharm and the Picnic™ Customer Engagement Engine

Incorporated in 2008, Pug Pharm Productions Inc. (puginteractive.com) is a technology leader in customer gamification, retention, and activation. Pug Pharm’s Picnic™ customer engagement engine is a comprehensive, next-generation platform that captures, retains, and activates customers while eliminating the “loyalty backlash” of less sophisticated technologies. Picnic is the world’s first technology platform that simultaneously delivers engagement, motivation, rewards, social matchmaking, item-based gameplay, and direct monetization possibilities.