Pug Pharm Powers Online Engagement and Social Connectivity for History Channel’s Ice Pilots NWT


Pug Pharm Productions Inc. (Pug Pharm), a Canadian leader in gamification and social engagement, announced that its social networking gameplay platform Picnic™ will power the History Channel’s Ice Pilots NWT website.

“We are excited that Pug Pharm’s ‘Collect, Connect, Reward’ gameplay technology is enabling fans of Ice Pilots NWT to win prizes by collecting show-themed virtual items and connecting with one another,” said Steve Bocska, CEO of Pug Pharm.

Timed in conjunction with the launch of the third season of the popular program produced by Omni Film, the Ice Pilots’ website hosts a game called “Air Hunt” allowing players to win prizes by collecting cargo and connecting with other players and fans of the show. PugPharm worked with the talented team at Vancouver-based digital entertainment studio, Switch United, who led the creative design and interface of the campaign.

“Our gamification technology represents the ‘best-in-class’ next-generation of social networking platforms. Unlike other services, we can we integrate our technology platform into existing web sites and create true socially connecting gameplay using ‘interest-based’ virtual items – not just generic badges. For Ice Pilots NWT, fans of the show can express themselves by building customized gameboards based on various themes and expand their social network to include people who collect the same items,” added Steve Bocska.

To play the Ice Pilots NWT game, visit www.icepilots.com

About Pug Pharm Productions Inc.

Incorporated in 2008, Pug Pharm Productions Inc. (puginteractive.com) is a Canadian leader in gamification and social engagement. M2 Research estimates that the gamification industry will generate $1.6 billion in revenues by 2015. Pug Pharm has a suite of products and services that harness the full potential of social networking technologies to increase revenue, customer engagement, and brand awareness for its clients.