Pug Pharm Goes Wild for Bollywood with Pycker


(Vancouver, BC)

Pug Pharm Productions, experts in using gameplay design to make the world a more joyful planet, is oh-so-excited to announce a partnership with Pycker to “do the needful” in delivering a super-cool digital fan activity to the fanatic and fantastic Bollywood film audience.

‘Janatha Garage’ is an online contesting activity that allows fans to play trivia quizzes, treasure hunts and more, fans unlock exclusive movie content, win official merchandise, earn chances towards exciting grand prizes events, and just basically have tons of online Bolly-riffic fun.

Supporting the activity is Pug Pharm’s award-winning Picnic™ Engagement Engine, a state-of-the-art loyalty activity platform built over the past 7+ years by a team of veteran game designers, web technology experts, software-as-a-service product managers, and a something that crawled out of the HVAC duct.