(Vancouver, BC) Former Florida Gator and Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver Alexander Willis has partnered with Pug Pharm to launch “1st&5,” a first-of-its-kind gamified corporate coaching activity/contesting platform.

Dedicated to working with organizations to improve their leadership culture, Alex Willis is a nationally recognized expert on leadership development and keynote speaker. He has motivated thousands to pursue greatness in their professional and personal lives.

“1st&5″ brings his knowledge and sage advice to life like never before through an engaging and rewarding activity, with insightful collectable tips, rewards, bonuses, surprises, and more.

Supporting the project is Pug Pharm’s award-winning Picnic™ Engine, a loyalty activity platform built over the past 7+ years by a team of veteran game designers, web technology experts, software-as-a-service product managers, and a box of fidget spinners.