PUG Interactive Wins Global Excellence Award

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 29, 2019 — PUG Interactive Inc. is excited to announce it has been given the 2019 Global Excellence Award for Best in Gameplay-Based Online Engagement & Loyalty Solutions.

Global Excellence Awards are an annual program to recognise and reward the firms and individuals whose sustained outstanding performance has seen them leading the way in their industry. Global Excellence Awards is a flagship program covering a wide variety of sectors and countries.

Recipients are determined through an internal process of research, analysis, shortlisting, and selection based entirely on merit, each of which is then carefully scrutinised to decide on a final winners’ list.

Adopting this approach ensures that our recipients are selected based purely on merit – not popularity – and recognize the leading players in each field. From micro-businesses and SMEs through to multinational corporations, we aim to recognize those that are succeeding in their endeavors, innovating, growing and improving.

Some factors the team take into consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant achievements over the past calendar year
    Company profile – history and establishment
    Demonstrated commitment towards innovation
    Client testimonials and recommendations
    Online presence and branding
    Contributions to the local community
    Other accolades won

About PUG Interactive
PUG Interactive is a leader in providing gamified engagement solutions for enterprise, delivering playful, purposeful community engagement to the world’s top brands. By combining proven video gameplay design experience and its proven Picnic™ platform technology, PUG Interactive delivers high-performance retention, loyalty, and motivation solutions for large audiences and enterprise applications.