Earn to Unlock Programs

Customer Engagement Loops

In this game-inspired spin on loyalty, customer actions unlock new tasks, quests and challenges that inspire ongoing, continuous engagement.

How they work

Program Benefits

Self-reinforcing Engagement

Expanding cycles of actions keep users engaged and interested, increasing user retention, building brand loyalty, and driving revenue.

Quick to Launch

Earn-to-unlock programs require less planning and support meaning businesses can start meeting the needs of their customers sooner and driving their business objectives.

Exceptional Insights

Both online and real-world actions are rewarded, so customers provide valuable personal and transactional information which helps businesses gain better insights about them.

Easy to Set Up

Earn-to-unlock programs don’t require a lot of design, just a few simple rules based on what customer actions you want to motivate making them easy to set up and run.

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Earn-to-Unlock Program Example

Unlockable Quests

Customer performs valuable actions (purchases, calls-to-action, surveys, watching videos), which completes quests, which in turn unlock new quests that create a reinforcing engagement loop.

Best For

Brands with high frequency purchase customers

Companies who already have a basic loyalty program

Brands looking for competitive differentiation

Program Example

Unlocking Engagement Loops

Customers buy, play, redeem, and respond to unlock new quests and challenges.

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