The world’s most successful brands today are adopting strategies to fully leverage their customer touchpoints, moving their customers “up the customer pyramid” towards greater loyalty and engagement. This highly informative 45-minute session will explore why these strategies are so important and will uncover the secret techniques and leading-edge technologies that can promote your customers to higher tiers of participation and maximize loyalty, profitability, and marketing effectiveness.

A tremendous opportunity exists right now for big brands looking to take advantage of the potential for multi-channel customer engagement in our “Pokemon Go” world, where young and old users alike are increasingly willing to interact with brands online in fun and interesting new ways. Oversimplified approaches like badges-and-points mechanics or loyalty programs alone can’t magically resuscitate a disengaged customer. It requires a unique perspective and customer engagement hub technologies capable of delivering proven engagement and advanced gamification mechanics such as questing, collaboration, competition, and customization. This session will cover all of these topics and present real-world examples of proven solutions and strategies.

Watch the session here.