Let’s cut through the hype – “gamification,” badges, and points can’t magically resuscitate disengaged customers. They need to be managed, retained, and most important of all, allowed to be part of an actively engaged customer community. The focus of any brand’s customer outreach and engagement strategy should be to get their members beyond simple interactions and creating communities that are more involved, committed, and loyal.

Steve Bocska, PUG Interactive (formerly Pug Pharm) CEO, has designed and produced some of the world’s most successful video games for Disney, Electronic Arts, Fox Interactive, and Vivendi. Building upon his extensive experience, he presents an evolved contemporary framework for customer engagement that creates measurable business value.

In this highly informative webinar, he covers:

– how understanding the ideal customer narrative drives ROI
– ways in which loyalty programs and ineffective customer communities can be improved
– how and why customers are being repeatedly thrown away, requiring costly re-acquisition