NEW: Interactive Challenges Added To Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub!

Picnic™ Engagement Engine

PUG Interactive updates Interactive Challenge and Advanced Questing capabilities for its gamified Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub platform  

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – PUG Interactive announces the release of Interactive Challenges, a major update to the Advanced Questing module found in Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub.

Interactive Challenges allow for deeper community engagement by giving customers content-rich interactions such as quizzes, photo/video upload, reflections, content challenges, trivia games, and more. The results of these Interactive Challenges can be kept private to the user or publicly shared, viewed and flagged by other users, providing the ability for customers to safely engage with each other and the brand. These Interactive Challenges dramatically deepen engagement with brands, improving both Net Engagement and Net Promoter scores, and support detailed insight into users’ understanding of your content and into their thoughts and opinions.

Interactive Challenges are already in use in several live Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub projects, with applications ranging customer loyalty systems, e-learning programs, brand surveys, and brand content challenges. Combined with Picnic’s™ Enterprise Integration Services, Interactive Challenges can link directly with content management systems, learning management systems, CRMs, and other back office systems.

About PUG Interactive

PUG Interactive is a leader in providing gamified engagement solutions for enterprise, delivering playful, purposeful community engagement to the world’s top brands. By combining proven video gameplay design experience and its proven Picnic™ platform technology, PUG Interactive delivers high-performance retention, loyalty, and motivation solutions for large audiences and enterprise applications.