Net Promoter Scores and Gamified Engagement

Net Promoter Score: What is it and how can you benefit?

If you are in the business world or have a good interest in the industries then you might have an idea about NPS. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a concept dealing with customer loyalty. It is the metric that companies use to measure how their customers think and feel about them.

It gets apparent that businesses enjoying high NPS are more probable to attain the long-term profitable growth.  Certainly the concept is increasingly getting used by professionals. And firms put in efforts to improve net promoter score for their business.

What are the Benefits of NPS?

The benefits are great and many, some of the benefits are listed here below:

Enhanced customer satisfaction

One of the main benefits of the concept of NPS is that you can instantly see how satisfied customers are with the service your business provides. Most of the good companies want all their consumers to be contented and certainly NPS gives you the chance to gauge this effectively.  Once you get to know where you are lacking and what type of things people are saying about you; you can easily take the precautions.  When you take measures to enhance and amplify the experience of your consumers by doing modifications; you end up doing the business in a much better way.

Assess and enhanced Customer Loyalty

The system of NPS goes past measuring the satisfaction of the customers. And it even determines how many of these customers are loyal to the brand. Always remember satisfaction would stand null if your customers are not coming back. Here the NPS is the finest tool to identify true customer loyalty. Certainly, there is no better display of loyalty than one who is ready and prepared to share their experience with you to their nearest networks.

You know what a person can easily  measure their initial NPS then, at a later time or day, reevaluate the score to find out if the strategies used are getting results. It is something that allows the businesses to measure whether what they are doing is enhancing the loyalty.  Here in case it isn’t then businesses can easily make changes to drive such a sentiment going forward. Of course, once a company gets to know about the impacts and effects, it can take the best measures.

Form More Advocates

If there is anything that goes side by side with customer loyalty is the concept of customer advocates.  These advocates are the ones who are actively recommending you to their acquaintances, friends, family and colleagues. Word of mouth and talk is such a powerful marketing instrument that seems to go under the radar in the densely-spend digital marketing arena of contemporary age. Fortunately the NPS you have would get you a clear idea of which of your consumers are most probable to recommend you and hence who you can ask to do such things for you.

Here the main thing is that if you ask for a recommendation at the time of a good and positive experience with your brand, it would be imperative.  You might well have provided a brilliant experience to a client, but if you ask for feedback a couple of months later or even after one year is not going to head to the recommendation you are craving for. There has to be customer engagement at the time of the impact and only then it reaps the desired outcomes.


Thus, you need to think about net promoter score NTP if you haven’t done it so far.

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  1. AntonioNob 3 years ago

    Later, NPS was used to measure employee engagement; the question was reframed to: How likely is it that you would recommend [Company] as a great place to work? NPS also got the new prefix and was promoted as the e mployee NPS.

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