Janartha Garage Shatters Performance Records


(Vancouver, BC) Pug Pharm Productions Inc., a leader in premium community engagement solutions and busting sweet dance moves, has shattered platform performance records with Pycker’s “Janartha Garage” project.

During a 2-week span, Pug Pharm’s

Picnic™ Engagement Engine SaaS platform processed over 4 million API calls – that’s 40 lahk! –

for the Janartha Garage contesting activity

with peak loads pushing over 25,000 requests per minute to our otherwise under-worked servers.

According to Pug Pharm President Steve Bocska, “That’s a lot of traffic.”

The  Picnic™ Engagement Engine is an award-winning, state-of-the-art loyalty activity platform built over the past 7+ years by a team of veteran game designers, web technology experts, software-as-a-service product managers, and a mystic Gaelic Wizard.