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In the sports, gaming, and entertainment industries, fan and player engagement are key. By using PUG Interactive’s Picnic™ platform, you can create an engaging, immersive experience that keeps fans and players coming back for more.

The World of PUG

Sports, Gaming & Entertainment Challenges

Engaging and motivating fans and players

Maintaining interest over time can be challenging. Fans and players often move on quickly if they aren't continuously entertained.

Maintaining authentic fan and palyer relationships

Building genuine connections with fans and players is increasingly challenging with so much competition for their attention.

Creating a genuine sense of community and collaboration

Building a strong, loyal community of fans and players requires more than just good content, it involves creating a space where they can interact and feel connected.

Influencing fan & player behavior is hard, but we can show you how.

Key Features

Enterprise Integration

with CRM’s, data warehouses, POS, content management systems, rewards programs, and authentication systems.

Segmented campaigns

and personalized adaptive quests create intrigue and drive fan and player participation.

Rewarding behavior

through a digital item economy and instant win/grand prizing capabilities to keep fans and players motivated.

Dynamic profiles

track preferences, behaviors, and engagement, providing a personalized experience.

Engagement loops

keep fans and players coming back through unlocking challenges, quests, and social interactions.

Aggregated community insights​

paint a clear picture of fan and player behavior and preferences with powerful analytics to optimize content and marketing strategies.

See the future of fan & player loyalty

Healthy Digital Fan-Brand Relationships

Valuable fan and player loyalty actions rewarded with chances to earn status, recognition, and in-game rewards, making them feel appreciated.

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